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Year | TASK

2019 | post production
music video


Client | Agency

end customer

Cast | Crew

Written & Directed by
Robert Zimmermann & Oliver Jerke (ROlliBert)

Director of Photography
Fee Scherer

Camera Assistant: Jara Lopéz Ballonga
Edited by: ROlliBert
Make-Up Artist: Fu Okamura, Romy Rudolphi

Producer: Joachim Keil (UCMP)
Project Manager: Alex Flatner (UCM.ONE)

Mike Vamp – as himself
David Harrow
– as himself
Oliver Jerke
– Photographer
Ayla S. Franken
– Dinosaur
Markus Morkötter
– Dinausaur






“Eyes Cold” is the first single release from the upcoming album “Diamonds and Dust”. The music video was produced by UCMP in the fall of 2019, shooting at various locations in Berlin.

In 1984, the friendship of the two producers and artists Mike Vamp and David Harrow began in the West Berlin underground. Four years later, the two reunited in London and combined their punk and electro roots in David’s studio on the Thames.

While Harrow had made a name for himself early on as a producer, including for Anne Clark and Dub Syndicate, Vamp was mainly a solo artist. He then settled back in West Berlin in the early 90s, shortly after the Berlin Wall came down, experienced first-hand the ecstatic techno years of the post-reunification era and, as part of the duo “Märtini Brös”, also became an international household name in the minimal electro scene from 1998 onwards with tracks such as “Flash” and “Biggest Fan”

Producer Joachim Keil engaged the producers and filmmakers Oliver Jerke and Robert Zimmermann, who were jointly responsible for writing and directing the music video as “ROlliBert”.

ROlliBert: “a decisive impulse was the fact that Mike and David consider themselves self-ironically as music dinosaurs. So it was clear from the beginning that dinos had to play an important role…”.



Photographs: © 2019-2021 by Robert Zimmermann
Any use only with prior written permission of the author.