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2019-2021 | Editing 
(S)VOD film classics trailer


Client | Agency

end customer


Concept & Editing – CC|M Inhouse




On behalf of the Berlin based film production and music consultancy company UMCP GmbH, we produced since 2019 numerous VOD / SVOD – film classics – trailers for POS (e.g. Amazon Prime Video) for the end customer UCM.ONE an international film and music content distributor.

Among them we produced release trailers for rarities as films by Godard and Fritz Lang as well as trash classics by Roger Corman.

The challenge for us within this project  was to incorporate the dramaturgical, cinematic and historical characteristics in terms of stylistics and modern interpretation into these clips – a wonderful opportunity to engage with living film history.

Mata Hari (Trailer)
Room at the top (Trailer)
The Cruel Tower (Trailer)
The Brain (Trailer)
Brain Dead (Trailer)
Forbidden World (Trailer)
Hell Night (Trailer)
La Chinoise (Trailer)
The Warrior and the Sorceress (Trailer)
Sorceress (Trailer)
A Night in Casablanca (Trailer)
House by the River (Trailer)
Interpol (Trailer)
Mädchenjagd in St. Pauli (Trailer)
Wizzards of the Lost Kingdom (Trailer)
The Slayer (Trailer)
Dangerous Mission (Trailer)
The Come On (Trailer)

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